How to Expand Your Tiny Home's ​Value on a Shoestring Budget

​​See how other tiny house owners are their boosting property values


​Your Dream Home Doesn't Stop With Your House...

Cooking In The Backyard...

What's wrong with having TWO kitchens? Building additional "rooms" outdoors is a great way to commune with all areas of your property.

backyard kitchen

​Sheds, Shacks & More...

​From man-caves to meat curing ​sheds, discover plenty of ideas that will leave your main home tiny and cozy and spreading the need for additional space elsewhere.

Man Shed

You won't believe how inexpensive building can be...

​Depending on what natural resources you have nearby, you can build a complete building without spending a dime.

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​Turn Your Tiny House's Property Into The Ultimate Personal Utopia

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​The Backyard of Your Dreams WITHOUT Spending a Fortune.

Imagine hosting your friends over to your tiny home for the first time...

​...and bringing them into a storybook-like environment: cooking outdoors in a kitchen, showing off a tiny library or enjoying the warmth of a backyard sauna in the frostiest of winters.


No Experience Required

​Not everyone has a knack for building, but the instructions are simplified so that even the rankest beginner will find this easier than assembling Ikea products.


Thinking of Starting a Home Farm?

​With the Backyard Building Bible, you'll be able to build comfortable and self shelters for your furry friends.


​​Make Your Tiny House Feel Huge

​Whether building a storage or an additional area in which to get some 'alone-time', even the tiniest home can feel like it offers all the space in the world


Create a Valuable Income Stream

​Build the tiny backyard accomodation you can rent on AirBnB and turn a portion of your property into valuable extra income.


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