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We’ll be honest – prior to seeing this awesome project by Shawn at My Self Reliance, having a backyard kitchen wasn’t even a consideration, even a seed of an idea.

At most, there was the ever-standard consideration of having a BBQ, but beyond that, the main eating area was going to be the micro dining room.

After watching Shawn build his outdoor kitchen gradually (you can watch each video in the series here), it became clear to us that having a backyard kitchen of our own only made sense since a big reason for having the tiny house was to move to a more natural environment.

A few notes we have to get to right away before we delve into the DIY outdoor kitchen of your dreams, is that you have to have realistic expectations.

For instance, what kind of environment are you planning to have your cooking spot?




If the answer is rural, you should honestly nix any outdoor kitchen cabinet plans you had in mind.

Storing food outside, is just not a good idea in a rural environment. Before you know it, you’ll be overrun by squirrel, rabbits, skunks and raccoons at best. Bears at worst.

If you’d like to keep food close to your backyard kitchen, consider building a proper storage cellar either directly beneath it or close by. That way you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

backyard kitchen

Something else to consider – how modern are you going for? If you’re looking to have modern conveniences like a fully functional outdoor kitchen sink, it’ll require additional cost and effort.

But that’s one of the reasons we love Shawn’s kitchen model (and others like it here) – the fact that you have to bring wood to the ovens and water for boiling, drinking and washing is what makes the experience more worth it.

When discussed adding value to your quality of life on your tiny house property by adding cool projects like this one for the purpose of generating income from your tiny house lifestyle and if you went that route, there’s no doubt a rustic outdoor kitchen would bring a lot of value to your guests.

Now, enough writing about backyard kitchens – we need a steak…now!!

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