The Lost Ways – Book Review

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lost ways review

Today’s resource, The Lost Ways, serves people with a variety of interests; outdoor hobbyists, offgrid living, preppers, campers and folks genuinely interested in living off naturally available resources.

This is a book that both survivalists and the back-to-the-land set can benefit alike, by implementing solutions that have been used by our ancestors for hundreds of years.

When Claude Davis set out to write The Lost Ways, he did so because he felt western society was hitting a dangerous critical mass.

We’ve become far too reliant on processed foods that are becoming ever more toxic.

Same goes with pharmaceuticals – many prescription drugs are causing far more harm than good.

Technology Is Making Us Soft

On the technology side, we’re also on the brink of trouble.

Each year, Americans are becoming increasingly more dependent on technology.

With A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) rapidly becoming more powerful, there’s never been a better time to become more self-reliant.

Davis fears that America’s culture of excessive convenience will leave a frighteningly large number of its citizens prepared for any potential disasters.

It’s so bad, in fact, that many Americans wouldn’t be able to take care of basic wounds or locate edible plants, should the need arise.

Getting Back In Touch With Our Roots

The Lost Ways was assembled to help its readers to learn the more basic and intermediate survival skills, from which they can build the knowledge that will lead to more advanced self-sufficiency.

Sure, most of us do not want to envision a world without electricity, gas, the internet or the very devices that the internet powers, but Davis makes sure we’re ready for just that.

Just some of the “Walking Dead”-like skills Davis teaches include:

  • Wide range of basic shelters you can build by hand using what’s at your disposal
  • Simple ways to stock up on clean water
  • How to develop basic tools and weaponry using natural materials
  • Learning how to raise livestock and trap wild animals
  • Extensive guidance on natural treatment for injuries

It bears mentioning that (and Claude Davis shares this view), we shouldn’t have to wait for a disaster to occur to live at least a little more like this.

Even by practicing some of what is taught in The Lost Ways, we’d be fitter, happier and benefit from greater overall health.

By using the Lost Ways to replace drugstore medicine with plants, we’d actually heal faster and not develop any nasty side-effects or potential addictions.

Same goes with making more of an effort to eat wild plants or animals we raise by ourselves.

Lost Ways Review Recap

Clocking in at 350 pages, the book does not leave the reader for want.

Text is accompanied by illustrations so you can get visuals of what Davis is teaching you, making all projects in the book accessible even to people with basic (to non-existent) ‘handy’ skills.

So is the book worth it?

Having a few survival / bushcraft books on the shelf, the answer is a definite Yes.

Not only is The Lost Ways a great addition to any prepper / offgrider’s collection, but we think it bears mentioning that the print version is beatiful (love the cover’s texture) and would definitely make a great gift.

You can get The Lost Ways either in PRINT
or as an EBOOK here


The Lost Ways Book Review

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