Man Cave Ideas For Your Tiny House

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man cave ideas

Always thought man caves were kind of strange – like they were some kind of mid-life crisis kind of deal.

That is of course, until John’s father, Hugo, came up with the ultimate of man cave ideas: to build a barn where one (or a few) could gather to talk, partake in drink and do some woodworking.

Must admit that doing all three activities are safely conducive to each other.

While we’re big on property enhancement projects, man cave ideas isn’t really something we ascribe to, but given that this is John’s dad, an exception will be made.

man cave workshop

As you can see here, the bulk of the floor space is used to house hardware used for woodworking projects, with the main focus being bird houses.

Outside of the hardware, there’s a woodstove that keeps this mighty man barn nice and warm and a couple of bottles of liquor to keep any nippyness at bay.

Man Shed

As far as man cave decor goes, the interior is a little on the sparse side for our taste, but the space is kept impeccably clean, tidied up shortly after any woodwork is done, so that does go a long way.

So here is what’s most intriguing about Hugo built almost the entire Man Barn by hand.

While he’s definitely handier than most men, woodcraft is not something Hugo was formally trained in – he simply read up on how to pull these things together and used that knowledge to build himself a quiet space he can retreat to.

Best of all, he leveraged a patch of his backyard that was going completely unused.

The house Hugo presently lives in is his dream home and he has no plans of leaving it, but if he did, you can bet that the addition of the Man Barn has added a very significant amount of value to the property.

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