Primitive Technology: Building A House By Hand

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At the time of this writing, almost 60 million people worldwide have watched the most popular video on the Primitive Technology YouTube channel. If you’re not one of them, prepare to be amazed.

We were pretty amazed when we watched Shawn James over at My Self Reliance build his log cabin using something like 90% natural materials, but he has been trumped by Australian outdoorsman, John Plant.

In that video, which generated millions of Primitive Technology fans very quickly, Plant takes things to the next level.

Not only does he use ONLY natural sourced materials to build his hut by hand, he even builds his own tools with which he sets about working on his project.

While Plant clearly states that this is not meant to act as a survival shelter, it is more of an experiment and a hobby, what he does produce will no doubt inspire you to take action and start building out your backyard with additional abodes.

primitive technology

What excited us even more about this project is that not only is a great way to develop an invaluable new skill and commune with nature, but it’s a great way to get around a lack of funds.

In other words, it’s the game changer.

See, while tiny houses are far more financially accessible than “conventional” homes, initial entry costs might prove prohibitive and leave some tiny home builders a little deeper in debt than they feel comfortable with.

BTW, check out this tiny house financing guide if you’re not sure of what you can afford. It’ll give you a realistic idea of where you can start in your tiny house journey.

However, once you do acquire land and you’ve got your principal home built, you’re now in a position to start attacking whatever debt you’ve incurred with your project.

Best solution of course, is to leverage additional space on your property to build tiny house rentals you can lease on AirBnB.

So how much can a hut like the one in the Primitive Technology video net you?

Check this out:

hobbit hut Australia

This Hobbit hut is no longer available on AirBnB, but you don’t need much evidence to see that it’s quite small.

It’s made by hand and is pretty no frills.

Before the listing went offline, this Hobbit house was going for over $300 a night.

People on AirBnB love this kind of thing. Check out how this bare-bones THOW is pulling in $100 a night (and it’s sooo basic!)


Now if you could build that same hut at no cost by hand and rented it out for three months at $3K/month, you’ve repaid $9K of whatever debt you racked up while building your dream tiny house. 🙂

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