Mushroom Dome Cabin – Awesome Tiny Home In California

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geodesic dome tiny house

If you’re looking for one of the coolest tiny homes in California, you’ve found it in this awesome Mushroom Dome Cabin in Aptos.

I first became fascinated with geodesic domes when my father gave me the Cloudburst book as a gift.

What was especially intriguing about these domes is that if you wanted to, you could easily interconnect them to build a structure with a size that’s right for you.

Truth be told, I found the instructions on how to build them a little complicated, but if you’re handier than I am (which I’m willing to bet you are) – I’d encourage you to give it a shot.

Be sure to send us pictures if you do!

Tiny Home California Style

tiny home california

Alright, so now that we’ve gone on about the art of geodesic design, let’s take a look at it in action.

What sets this mushroom-top dome from the models in Cloudburst is the wider tops. If you were to book a visit to this dome, you’ll no doubt be very impressed with the window pattern that was built into the top.

These windows give you a fantastic view from the bed and help illuminate the whole home with a lot of natural light.

No need to worry about privacy – the dome is remote (we’re talking about ten entire acres!) and nestled among some of the tallest trees you’ll ever lay eyes on.

tiny homes california

Exploring The Living Quarters

As you can see the roof of the house really sets the tone.

When it comes to tiny house living, this is about as compact as it gets.

geodesic dome california

The living room and the kitchen are all one room, but in our opinion that really adds to the intimacy of a couples getaway.

geodesic tiny home california

Extra points for the mushroom dome tiny home:

They get hundreds of hummingbirds on their deck (year-round), so if you’re a fan of beautiful birds, this will be an amazing experience for you.

There are goats on the premises, which you’re allowed to pet and chill out with.

For urbanites yearning for a great view of the sky: you can see the milky way from this property.

To book it, hit them up on AirBnB.