Romantic Storybook Tiny House in Austria

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Tiny House Austria

Being situated in North America, a large part of the tiny houses we focus on are situated in Canada and the U.S., but given how old some of the abodes in the Old Country happen to be, we figure it’s about time to shift focus over to Austria.

We discovered this little gem while doing some random tipsy AirBnB rabbit-holing and fell in love right away and we’re ready to state a case for why this is the coolest tiny house Austria has for rent on any platform.

What’s intriguing about this tiny house is that it used to serve as a barn which housed corn and crops.

The owners have managed to stay faithful to the house’s origins by doing a fantastic job of preserving the wood that makes up the exterior, allowing guests to experience something out of a childhood storybook.

Which brings us to this:

tiny home Carinthia

No Photoshop wizardy here – that picturesque fairytale settlement by the brook is the real deal.

Are you imaging what your morning cup of coffee or tea is like yet?

While the tiny house’s exterior is very rustic, the interior is more of a blend of retro Euro-country and modern decor.

We’re guessing old wood is harder to come by in Europe, which explains why some of the flooring was made with newer (but equally charming) planks of wood.

During warmer months, you can take advantage of the wood-framed screen door to enjoy a great view from the kitchen table.

This awesome (and most fairytale-like) tiny house in Austria can be viewed on AirBnb.