Ultimate Hicktopian Retreat: Tiny House in Bancroft

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tiny house bancroft

What’s there not to love about tiny house being referred to as a “Hicktopian” retreat (the owner’s description, not ours)?

While we absolutely love staying in some swankier tiny homes on AirBnB, you’ll see from previous posts like this one that we also like simple digs that bring you back to the basics.

If you’re feeling a little exhausted from the daily grind of the city, this cabin offers you an experience that has been forgotten for many moons right from the start.

To access Hicktopia, you will have to take a trip down a rural farm road and is nestled on the same property as the century farm house that the owners live in (which is great should you happen to need anything during your stay).

Once you arrive you’ll find yourself on three acres of land treed with spruce and pine.

While the cabin is indeed a throwback to turn-of-the-century living, the decor is equal parts retro and kitsch and compliments the space afforded by the twenty-foot vaulted ceilings.

Much of the decor found in the cabin is what was left from the vintage shop the owners used to run out of the space before converting it into an abode.

If you love cooking for yourself when you rent out tiny homes, you won’t be left for want with this kitchen.

Everything is fully equipped for you to prepare a hearty breakfast fit for a country cabin.

The kitchen features a range of spices and popular condiments, fridge, stove and kettle – though you are urged to bring your own drinking water.


Well, while there’s hydro running through the cabin, there is no plumbing, which means to wash dishes, you’ll need to use a gravity-fed water supply (we think that’s pretty cool).

tiny houses bancroft

tiny home bancroft

So what does the outdoor scene look like for this Hicktopian tiny house?

Well, there‚Äôs also an outdoor shower for seasonal use. Remember that thing about there not being plumbing? That means you have to conduct business in an eco-privy (hopefully that won’t be a deal-breaker)

The back deck is equipped for all you need to enjoy a barbecued meal while trying to spot wild animals curious to see what you’re cooking.

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