Going To Greece? Check Out This Tiny House

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tiny house greece

This is tiny house living in true Greece style.


Because it’s exotic, ancient and steeped in character and you should definitely consider visiting this spot if you plan on visiting Crete.

We can’t even imagine what kind of work went into making this gem of a tiny home a reality, but as you can see from the pictures, it was clearly worth the effort.

tiny houses greece

Turns out that this location has gone through quite a few transformations over the years.

When it was initially built, it served as a family home until it was eventually converted into a storage facility for farm crops.

Over a decade ago, the present owners set about modernizing the interior to get the best possible effect from the unusual interior of the building (we feel they’ve succeeded quite well at that).

tiny house crete

The exterior is every bit as sweet as the living quarters.

Here is the balcony the bed is facing:

stone villa crete

And here is the view from that balcony (can you think of a better way to enjoy your morning coffee?):

tiny houses crete

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There’s also this¬†geodesic tiny house known as the Mushroom Dome, which is also located in California.

Look like the kind of place you want to stay at next time you visit Greece?

You can hook it up here, on AirBnB.