Tiny House Rentals: Your Key To Turning The Tables

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tiny house rental

Let’s talk about the math behind real estate.

Despite your impressive credentials and a sheepskin hanging in your home office proclaiming your proficiency in something most people wouldn’t understand, you might find yourself a part of the modern day real estate crunch.

Today, we find ourselves in a situation where telecommuting is now more necessary than ever as price levels are getting out of F’N control.

Vancouver, British Columbia has recently usurped Manhattan as the most expensive place to live in.

The average cost of a one-bedroom apartment rental in Vancouver is $2,020.

The average salary in Vancouver comes out to $65K.

After taxes, that $65K delivers just a few morsels above the $4K line. What that means is that after rent, you’re left with 50% of your income.

Weren’t you told as a kid to study hard to make sure you don’t struggle like them blue collars?

The Other Shoe Has Fallen

So your $65K salary leaves you with less than half of what you earn after taxes and rent.

Are you a driver?

If the answer’s “yes” that’s an additional $300 in gas and insurance (we’ll get to maintenance in a sec).

Food, even if you relegate yourself to the grocery store will run you at least $250 (even on a healthy yet frugal diet).

Internet connection, phone and utilities – that’s another $200 down the toilet.

That $2K you had left over is now down to $1050.

Let’s not forget that you’re human and need to reward your hard work with a social life.

That’ll be $300 a month ($11.50/day) for leisure.

Now here’s the kicker – credit card debt continues to rise among urban men and, of course, the higher your debt, the more interest you pay.

This is a double-killer in another sense.

For Whom The Bell Tolls

A moment ago, we talked about car maintenance costs – remember that?

Imagine the following scenario: your Mastercard is maxed out.

Your “handsome” $65K salary has been reduced to $750 a month in liquid caysh.

You hit the world’s worst pothole on the way to work – new ball joints and shocks required. Oh yeah, of course your mechanic found flaws that are so totally “fatal” if not covered immediately.

Mechanic’s bill – $1400

Your liquid on hand – $750

Plus, rent is due on next payday, so the next paycheck is a no-go.

You’re screwed, pal.

Tiny House Rentals – The Building Of A Mini Empire

Tiny House Rentals

Ever hear of the tiny house movement?

It’s gaining major traction and it’s about more than just saving money.

In fact, by focusing on building or acquiring tiny house rentals that you can lease through AirBnB, it’s all about making money.

It’s also about putting the way you live your life into perspective.

See, if you’re going to live in a space that’s 400 square feet or less, it’s pretty much a sure deal that you’ll need to shed a few items presently littering your household.

This style of living will take you from copious consumption to conscious consumption and that alone WILL change you as a person.

But there’s also a business reason for you to consider tiny house living.

Are You A Tiny House Tycoon In Wait?

Even people who might never consider living in a tiny house, love the small abodes.

The proof?


Tiny house rentals on AirBnB go for an average of $150 a night.

Think about that for a moment.

Now bust out the trusty calculator and follow along.

Say you buy a plot of land for $5K (doesn’t have to be huge – only big enough for the abode, plus a decent yard and parking).

If you build a tiny house from scratch, materials and labor can be had for as little as $30K.

Once the project is done, your tab is somewhere in the neighborhood of $35K – sure is a far cry from the $1.5 million average cost of a house in Vancouver, no?

So let’s assume you move into that first tiny house yourself. If you have that same average $65K salary (or higher), you are about to level up in a big way.

Let’s fast-forward to where your tiny house has allowed you to vanquish all debt and accumulate a tidy sum of loot.

You build one or two additional tiny houses. You rent them out for an average of 15 nights a month for six months of the year at the median rate of $150/night.

You’d be on a trajectory to have other people pay off your investment within three years.

It can move A LOT faster than that – check out this super-simple bare-bones tiny house rental – they likely paid off their tiny house in just one season – that house cost about $20K (max) to build.

Now let’s fast forward to ten years from now.

You own seven tiny houses. They’re all fully paid down thanks to your slick AirBnB hustle action.

Oh yeah, they’ve also appreciated in value, too.

Your (lucky) seven homes are all worth $60K each.

You cash out for a $420K payday.

How does the idea of tiny house living sound to you now?

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