Our Tiny House Show Debuts on YouTube

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Welcome to the Tiny House Show Debut!

Hey guys – John here.

My fascination with tiny homes actually dates back to before I even knew there was such a thing as tiny homes.

Then along came Loretta, who shared my passion for tiny homes.

tiny house showAs our relationship blossomed, so did our desire to turn this passion into reality.

After many Saturday mornings spent looking over tiny house ideas for inspiration to build our own tiny house, we decided to go all in.

We started making concrete plans to build our own tiny house and that’s what our Tiny House show is all about – it’s a ride-along and everyone who’s into tiny house living is invited to hop aboard.

In this debut episode of Tiny House Prep, we explain exactly what you can expect each week and Loretta and I take turns to reveal our own individual reasons for opting in to the tiny house nation.

It started when my father, who always felt in his gut that I’d eventually bail on city life (and he was right), gave me two books.

Those books were Cloudburst and Grow It!

Cloudburst intrigued me most because it taught you the ins-and-outs of building a completely self-sustaining off-grid property.

In this book, I also learned of the possibilities of tiny house living by way of Geodesic domes. They were small, but could be inter-connected to enlarge the living space, if needed.

Years after the Cloudburst book, I happened upon the tiny house movement.

To this day, I wouldn’t be able to tell you what led me to it, but once I did happen upon it, there was no going back.

I even started writing about it on one of my old blogs.

I wasn’t long before my love affair with tiny homes started to merge with other interests, such as bushcraft and mastering the art of living as much off the grid as possible.

In a nutshell, the reasons I most look forward to the tiny house life include:

  • Getting away from the BS of city life
  • Growing and hunting my own food
  • Building a fleet of AirBnB income properties
  • No more neighbors

And…not to be forgotten…I have a dream to eventually build a full-on ewok village.

That last one is a big one.

And that’s really it for my reasons for being drawn to tiny house living.

Enjoy our tiny house show and feel free to request any content you’d like to see featured here.

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