Avoid Thailand’s Crazy Noise With This Tree House

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tiny house thailand

As if Chiang Mai couldn’t get any better. Cheap (but delicious) food, cheap (but refreshing) beer and awesome temples. And today we’ve got a hidden gem of a tiny house Chiang Mai is home to.

Welcome to the Nature Home Stay – while not inside of Chiang Mai proper (it’s actually four kilometers outside of the city), it offers travelers who’ve grown a little weary of Thailand’s incessant urban hustle a welcome respite.

The one caveat is that if you stay in this tiny tree house, you must be ready to commune with others as the house itself only offers you a bed.

The bed and kitchen are located in common areas – but the good news is that the owners keep all areas impeccably clean. You won’t be getting that raunchy party hostel vibe here.

There are quite a few amenities if you’re planning to lounge about. There’s a gym, massage room, cafeteria.

If you’re into starting the day off with some yoga, they offer classes if you can round up enough friends for a group booking.

If you’re really into tree houses, be sure to check out John’s dream of building this Ewok village.

tree house chiang mai

tiny homes thailand

tiny houses thailand

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